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Global Model Of The World Singapore 2023

Charlotte Chia

I’m Charlotte Lucille Chia and I don’t believe in miracles. I believe with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you set your heart to. This is what drives me to give my all in whatever I do, academically, professionally, personally and in pageantry.

An active volunteer for many years, I believe that you’re only as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I’ve been privileged to give back to my community by engaging with the elderly through vision-screening and visits to homes, and hope to continue my work in this space.

To me, what makes a queen is neither a crown nor a title. I believe that a queen embodies leadership and responsibility. She’s someone who has a quiet confidence and always retains a calm composure no matter what situation you throw her into. A queen is true to herself, as the only way you can exude confidence is by being true and completely comfortable in yourself.

As Global Model of the World Singapore, and now the winner of Global Model of the World, I will work hard to embody the qualities of a queen, and elevate Singapore even further on the world stage.

To close, I’ll leave everyone with this quote: the only person you need to believe in your dreams is you.

Global Model Of The World Singapore 2023
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