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Global Model Of The World Australia 2023

Deepika Verma

My name is Deepika Verma and I call the beautiful country of Singapore my new home. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia I graduated with a double degree in Business and Psychology. I had the ambitious goals of becoming a clinical psychologist - my passion is to help others realise their true potential and live their best authentic versions of themselves. Currently I work in a fast paced tech company as a digital marketing manager where I get to promote solutions that make work lives easier for everyone, while marrying my love for data with ability to influence for good.

I firmly believe if you take risks, have an open mindset and appreciate every detail that life has to offer you will be rewarded with new opportunities and paths to carve out the life you desire. That is how I was blessed with the opportunity to join Miss Global Singapore. The mentors and fellow contestants I met from the experience are now some of my closest friends and like family. The experience has enabled me to feel confident in my own skin, empowered and proud of my uniqueness - and I want to help the next generation realise their potential and be unapologetically themselves. The next version of yourself is just outside your comfort zone - sometimes you need that push to get you there and break down those self-limiting beliefs.

From a young age it was instilled that there is no substitute for hard work and in order to climb that mountain you must be relentless in the pursuit. It's ok to fall down but as long as you brush yourself off, take the lesson and keep moving. You are constantly a work of progress - keep building that healthy mind, body and nurture your soul. Be kind to yourself and others, ground yourself in gratuity. When you focus on the good the good gets better. I am thrilled to be given this platform to inspire and motivate others - I want to show women that you can be a boss, nurturer, learner all at the same time. We are beautiful in our juxtapositions, take up space and make your inner child proud of the woman you are! 

Global Model Of The World Australia 2023
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