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Miss Global Singapore 2023

Chloe Hung

I am a university student pursuing my bachelor’s degree in hydro-science and engineering. Born and raised in Singapore, I was brought up mainly by my mum who is a sweetheart but also a strict tiger mum at times . I love her a lot and I am thankful for the sacrifices she has put in for me to be standing here today as a woman of kindness, generosity and wisdom.

Something that differentiates me from others is how stubborn I am . To me, nothing humanly possible is impossible.  I am the girl who stubbornly chases her craziest dreams despite what others think. I am the girl who stubbornly took 2 gap years before university ,against societal norms. While others my age were having fun, I was taking up all sorts of jobs from manual labour like packing and logistics, to selling ice cream door to door, becoming the youngest meridian therapy speaker, starting my own e-commerce business and so on. I am the girl who wanted to get into my university’s golf team without knowing how to play golf at 21 , and who stubbornly practiced 6 hours a day till my hands bled and blistered. And I made it .

Joining Miss Global was a huge step out of my comfort zone, especially because the past two years were the darkest periods in my life. I suffered from eating disorders and social anxiety, and I was mentally in a rut. But this was the right step to take, as I am slowly finding the beauty and confidence in myself throughout this journey of self discovery.  I admit that I still have my struggles and insecurities, but we are all human , and no one is perfect. Regardless of what obstacle you are facing, know that everything is a process that will shape us into who we want to be 10 years later. Remember that the decisions you make yesterday lead to the consequences you have today, but the actions you take today, lead to the opportunities you have tomorrow and for years to come. So let us live life to the fullest, and live fearlessly.

What fills my heart to the brim with joy is seeing smiles on the faces of others , spreading happiness and creating a positive impact around the world.  As a hydro-science student, it is my goal to keep working on water accessibility and proper sanitation around the world in the years to come. Singapore is a leading global hydro-hub with more than 200 water companies and 25 water research centres. As a Singaporean, I want to be the driving force to promote global cooperation and inspire new ideas to overcome the world water crisis.

As your Miss Global Singapore 2023, my craziest dream is to make Singapore proud on the international stage. I am constantly learning, improving and growing, and I will put in my utmost dedication and hard work to make this dream come true.

Miss Global Singapore 2023
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