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Miss Grand International Singapore 2023

Jade Wu

I am Jade Wu, and I believe that our dreams define us and shape how we live our life. To me, nothing is more important that believing my own values and working towards my targets step by step.

I grew up in a family that believes in education, with me being a third generation educator. Growing up, my family's values have influenced me greatly, as I watched my parents start to provide my life with stability as they pursued new opportunities after completing graduate studies. I will forever remember how I was laughed by my peers when I was younger and could not afford nice toys, and how hard my parents worked such that I too, could also have nice things.

That is why I believe strongly in education and that it is the key to creating opportunities for the less privileged. For them to build their own future and provide for their families.

Miss Grand International is an amazing platform, and I believe that my message can reach more people by working closely with it. A queen is not someone who is only physically beautiful, but someone who also possesses empathy for the marginalised and less fortunate, and is committed to her advocacy.

As Miss Grand Singapore, I will strive for excellence in my performance, demonstrate the grace of a queen and represent Singapore with pride.

Lastly, live unapologetically. Every decision you make is right for you, believe in yourself, and never back down from your goals.

Miss Grand International Singapore 2023
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