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Miss Global Singapore 2022

Mandy Tang

My name is Mandy Tang, and welcome to sensational Singapore.It is my honor to represent my beautiful home country of Singapore where we believe that as a nation, anything is possible. Singapore is a vibrant and diverse country, with many different backgrounds and beliefs. As a nation, we have the freedom, power and spirit to change the course of our lives and turn challenges into strengths.

The opportunities and support my country and family have given me are truly irreplaceable. They’ve nurtured within me an inner strength and inquisitive nature. And taught me to never doubt myself and what I can achieve. . .

The independence I gained as a young woman taught me powerful life lessons and to appreciate what is truly important in life.I believe that we are all on a journey of self discovery, true purpose and complete fulfilment. Although we stand different as nations, I believe that as humanity, we can all work together to create a positive change for this beautiful earth. I was fortunate enough to find some of my own passions and charity works I believe in.

One of the them is an awareness I like to highlight during my journey as Miss Global Singapore 2022is an ambassador for the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a rescue centre that provides sanctuary for endangered animals.Through my work, I can help educate others about the importance of protecting the environment, about our climate crisis in relation to animal extinction, and how to protect our beautiful eco-system.

I believe wholeheartedly about teaching the younger generation – Earth’s future ambassadors – how to work together today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.Because we are all connected. Our entire WORLD is connected.

On mother earth, we are all one…

Miss Global Singapore 2022
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