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Adeline Hokulani : The Inspiring Life of a Former Miss Singapore and Pageant National Director

Pageant National Director
Adeline Hokulani - Former Miss Singapore and Pageant National Director

A fun-loving, outgoing, and passionate person, Adeline Hokulani is not only a successful pageant director but also a fashion icon in Singapore. Being a former Miss Singapore and embodiment of women empowerment, Adeline is the inspiration of countless women worldwide. Her life journey is genuinely devoted to fashion and beauty, which shows her passion for the beauty industry.

Once she was an ordinary person, through her constant hard work and commitment. She has participated in many renowned fashion shows and has been the national director of Miss World Singapore, Miss Tourism World, Miss Global Singapore, Miss Supermodel World and Miss Grand Singapore. Throughout her remarkable journey from a model to a fashion icon success, she believed that the best things come from living outside of your comfort zone. Undoubtedly, Adeline's life has been nothing short of inspiring and motivating which propel her to outstanding achievement. This ex-beauty queen of Singapore is now a mother of teenage kids and living a joyful life with her wonderful husband.


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